Solo Project 2 – Ignited

Ignited is a first-person shooter where you play as the lone defender of a helpless town being ambushed by a dangerous swarm of fire monsters from the surrounding hills. Using your water cannon, defeat the oncoming waves of intruders and prevent the buildings from burning down. And most of all, stay hydrated!

The player begins at the center of a small town equipped with a water cannon with 2 firing-modes. Left-Click offers a rapid-fire stream of water, Right-Click offers an explosive water-bomb.
Waves of Fire Monsters are approaching the town from over the hills. Keep them away from the buildings to avoid catastrophe.
Stay close to the Fire Hydrants to refill your water cannon .
Make sure to keep a close eye on the minimap to easily see where any fires are located. Slime Monsters will begin to emerge from burning buildings if left for too long.

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