Team Project – Green Hands

Green Hands is a top down, task-management game, where players must navigate the hospital, taking care of any contagious hazards in order to maintain a healthy environment for the patients and staff. This would all be quite difficult for a single janitor to manage without the help of your GERM VISION, allowing you to visualize any living bacteria before it begins to spread. Utilizing this ability correctly will allow the player to correctly identify different forms of bacteria and use the correct equipment to manage it hygienically.

These hygienic risks can come in many forms, from contagious patients to unattended litter and waste. As the player gains experience and progresses throughout various areas of the hospital, they will need to utilize a wide range of infection control methods as they discover new hazards that require different methods of disinfection.

Role: I was in charge of creating the Hospital environment, along with many of the assets and particle effects throughout the game. I was also in charge of designing and implementing the main menu and any camera sequences.

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