3D Art Exercise

3D Art Exercise

This task was split up into 3 stages, each demonstrating different skills.
1: Character Design Exercisecharacter design, artistic ability, concept development process
2: 3D Modelling Exercise 3D Modelling experience (Maya), rigging, model optimization, UV Unwrapping/Texturing
3: Unity Implementation and Animation ExerciseUnity knowledge, Animation, UI Interactivity, Particle Effects

Character Design Exercise

In this exercise I was required to create my own variation of the Raskull character, utilizing a Wild West theme.

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I began with basic T-Pose sketches of the base character model to determine the dimensions before adding any clothing/accessories. I used a number of references as inspiration for the Raskull’s outfit, and began experimenting with how they’d fit within the design.

Once the rough outfit was finalized, I created basic posed sketches at 2 different levels of detail. I then traced over the rough design using more precise linework before filling the design with colour. I then applied basic shading to the character to add a bit more depth, as well as a simple background to set the scene of the character’s theme.

3D Modelling Exercise

In this exercise I was required to expand upon an existing Loot Chest design of my choice. In this case, I chose the Diamond Chest.

I wanted to create something that had a number of different moving parts, as that would allow me more freedom when it came to animating the chest later on. I wanted diamonds on the exterior to hover while the chest was idle, then rotate and lock into place as the lid opens.

I began by creating rough sketches of the design in Photoshop before recreating it in Maya, where I made extra adjustments to the shape as I progressed. I constantly referred back to the sketches in order to maintain the correct proportions.

The design I ended up with consisted of a square base with 4 floating crystals on each corner. The chest itself was a diamond that hovers in the center, featuring a bulky metallic rim and a smaller diamond design on the front.

I wanted to keep a similar colour scheme to the pre-existing design, as I didn’t want the colours to clash with any of the other chest designs, and cyan/purple is typically associated with diamonds.

Unity Implementation and Animation Exercise

In this exercise, I was required to import the Maya model into a Unity Scene and implement user interaction. The scene needed a decorative background, midground and foreground, as well as animations for the chest, including various particle effects.

I exported the chest model from Maya and imported it into a Unity scene. I quickly modelled a small environment and positioned the chest within the scene. I then captured the viewpo/int and cut out the Foreground, Midground and Background in Photoshop, and re-imported the 3 separate images back into Unity. This allowed me to remove the environment and use the images instead for improved performance.