Week 11 Progress Report

Weekly Outline
So this week I decided to finally try and wrap my head around modelling in Maya. I started off by going through a number of different tutorials to learn the basics, most of which I was already familiar with, as I’ve had modelling experience in the past. However creating these simple objects was mainly for learning how to navigate a new interface, as well as learning new hotkeys for each of the features I was already familiar with.

One of the challenges I faced early on was getting used to the slight hotkey changes between modelling in Unity and modelling in Maya.
I decided to custom-map some features to old hotkeys that I was familiar with to speed up any process re-learning them.

I began just by modelling simple objects (which will likely be updated before making their way into the project), barrels, pipes, keypads etc.
I then started watching tutorials on how to use Maya’s Deform tools, which are something I’m completely unfamiliar with. These seemed to open up entirely new possibilities for modelling, and will take a lot of practice to fully understand how they all work. Using these tools I created the bin, the rocket ship, and some elements of the chair.

UV Unwrapping
Towards the end of the week I began investigating this topic briefly. I watched a couple of videos, but was having some issues with getting some of my tools to function the same way as they did in the videos I was watching. Hopefully when I return to learning about it, I’ll be able to overcome these issues.

Plans for coming weeks.
It took me a little while to gain momentum with creating assets, however towards the end of the week I was quite comfortable creating the rocket and the chair. I feel as though next week I’ll be able to create close to double the assets, as well as revisit UV Unwrapping and potentially learn to create my own textures as well.

With the weight of capstone existing alongside this assignment, I’m beginning to wonder if creating all my own textures for everything in Substance Painter will be achievable. I have a feeling I may need to resort to pre-created textures online in order to put the majority of my focus on getting more experience at higher-detail modelling.

I think my best bet would be to choose some assets that I enjoyed making, and created efficiently (easily able to be unwrapped), I can create my own textures for them in Substance if time allows.

For the time being, I’d like to just focus on the modelling and level design side of things.